Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Raffle and T-Shirts

    First, let me start off by saying WOW! We raised just over $4,000 on Saturday and Sunday at the Home Show!!! Thank you to everyone involved! Thank you to everyone who donated! Thank you to EVERY SINGLE person who prayed! Most of all, I thank God for the blessings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Without Him, none of this would be.



Steele Becton Fundraiser Details


Cabinet Makeover provided by

AWT Custom Cabinets & Closets

Cabinets valued at $10,000 – can be used for closets, kitchen, etc.



Included from AWT:

Paint grade Kitchen and/or Bath and/or Closet and/or Garage storage Cabinets

No more than 40 linear feet of bases & 40 linear feet of uppers or 27 feet if tall cabinets

A complete set of CAD drawings to scale detailing design of Cabinets

3¼” crown molding on cabinets is included

Removal of existing cabinets


 Additional items included:

Granite (80 square feet), A or B Grade, donated by Louisiana Stone

Fabrication, installation and S/S sink provided by Twin City Granite

Materials ($400 value) & Labor for back-splash provided by Acme Brick & Tile Company

S/S Faucet donated by Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom

Paint & painter for cabinets only provided by Sherwin Williams



Sheetrock repair not included

Fixtures and appliances not included

Wall paint and/or painting not included

Flooring not included


 Thanks for your participation and we look forward to working with you. 




Winning location must be within 60 mile radius of Monroe


Raffle tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00


$20 for Adult sizes Small-2X Large

$15 for Youth sizes X-Small-Large


IF you would like to purchase a raffle ticket or a T-Shirt, please contact one of the following:

Beau Becton 318-267-2066



Lindsay Becton 318-557-1556



Vicki Fletcher 318-381-0713

Email is vfletcher@progressivebank.com



Forrest Fife 318-376-9261



Diane Miletello 318-376-7177



Penni Aulds 318-614-0168



Thank you again and we will be updating our journey soon!

God Bless!

Thursday, February 6, 2014



       Over the past few weeks I can say one thing is for sure. I have been riding an emotional roller coaster. It all started "That Day". I have written about that so I wont go back to it because I have explained as well as I could how I felt. Emotionally, none of this is getting easier. God is so amazing though. HE is ALWAYS there. HE gives me strength when I am weak. HE gives me hope when all is gone. HE also gives me my wonderful wife when I cannot do it alone. Then, when all else fails and blue is the only color I can fabricate to tell you how I "feel"; Steele is right there, smiling, saying dada, bubbles, thank you, throwing balls, begging to go outside, and best of all, when Steele gives that hug that only Lindsay and I can tell you about.


      Lindsay talked about Dallas, and I want to give you a little bit of what I felt. I wasn't as nervous or full of anxiety or even the least bit afraid of what they might tell me. In fact I WANTED THEM to tell me something DIFFERENT. As you read in Lindsay's blog though, they really didn't tell us anything we didn't know.
     Lindsay was overcome with emotion that day. I was filled with ANGER. The longer the day went, the bigger the animosity became. Not at God, not at the doctors, not at me or Lindsay, not at anyone really. I was just MAD at something or better yet, EVERYTHING. To have a doctor tell you that your son looks great. He is so smart. He has the BEST prognosis. Then, look at you and basically tell you that you have to be ok with possibly outliving your child. A doctor had just told me his prognosis is GREAT, these "kiddos" are living into there 20's, 30's, and 40's all I could think was.... WHAT? How is THAT great? I remember looking at Lindsay when they said that. I was dumbfounded. Having said all of that though, we did have a wonderful experience there. Everyone was nice and really genuine. I just wish they could say that different, or not at all. I know it bothered Lindsay because her phone call after we got into the car all but spelled it out. I just remember thinking my wife and my mom are really upset, GOD give me the strength to be strong. I still had to call the other parents and grandparents. So I did. For fear of upsetting everyone in the car again, I simply said we didn't learn anything new. I think after a few seconds my dad got it. He said ok... I will talk to you later, but not before a wait... what did... nothing.. I don't understand. It was a long ride home. I was Mad.

     Next came Christmas and boy did we have a good one. We bought Steele waaaaaaay to much, and Santa BROUGHT him waaaaay to much. We had our first Christmas in our house. We had a lot of fun with family and Steele got to play with cousins. I am pretty sure the first Adalyn/Steele/Shep sandwich was created at one point. They had a blast. At one point the joy disappeared for me. I was watching the kids play. Adalyn and Shep were bouncing around going from here to there, and Steele was just watching. I know Steele is so smart. I know he was trying to figure out why he couldn't do what they were doing, but I quickly prayed to God to release that. He did. Joy came back into my heart. The only part I guess I wish I could have changed was this next sentence.We didn't get to go to Arizona. We had plans to, we wanted to, but we would have to drive, because it was just too risky flying during flu season. We did get to Skype. We found out Steele is going to be another cousin. Aunt Lacey and Uncle Banks are pregnant!! THAT is amazing! We cannot wait to experience that with them.


     This is where I feel like I need to thank a few people for the things they have done. First our family has not only been there, but they have gone above and beyond what is expected. My Mom has helped more than we could have ever asked for. She has been there when we needed someone to keep Steele on a schedule and at the last second. Momma Kim (Lindsay's Mom) has sent money for us to stay in hotels when we go out of town for visits. Her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles have sent money for extra expenses. Aunts and Uncles have sent care package after care care package to keep not only Steele entertained, but just so happens I enjoy blowing bubbles and playing the games too. I just cannot fit into the little clothes at this stage in my life. My Dad has done anything and everything to do the same. My Grandparents, my second parents Doris (Stepmom) and Jim (Stepdad), and basically all of my family. I would also like to take a moment and thank Gretchen Kovac. She along with Alex Hayward, Vicki Fletcher, Paul Stephenson, and the rest of the homebuilders association have created an account for Steele at Progressive Bank. They are also helping raise money at the home show for Steele too. My family has also opened an account at Regions Bank. We will also be auctioning off a kitchen at the Home Show at the Civic Center. The kitchen or cabinets will be worth $10,000.00 dollars. The raffle will be decided by the homebuilders. For more information contact me at Beau_Becton@yahoo.com .

We will be making T-Shirts to sell. Rodney Noland came up with the design that I explained to him over the phone that came out exactly like what I had envisioned. Reflections, who will be making the shirts is also donating .50 cents per shirt sold. Steve Sills along with many of my family and many others also made donations for Steele and we thank them and everyone else who has, plans to, or just says a simple prayer for Steele. I CANNOT express the gratitude I have for these people. I know I have forgotten names but I have not forgotten you. Thank you.

     We also bought a new Toyota Sienna, and without my Dads help, it would not have been possible. Well I say that, but... I guess I have to say the one we bought would not have been possible. We had a van picked out. With down payment and rebates, we were right about where we were with the car as far as payments go. The Monday before we bought the van, I received a fax with the van we had picked out. Before I read the fax, my dad saw the fax  and asked me if that was the van we were getting. I said yes. He said no it isn't. He pleaded with me to please let him help us purchase a van that Steele could enjoy. My dad talked to Doris then gave me a raise to cover the rest of the monthly payment that we not have been able to afford. So... We ended up getting a van with a few more "nice" things to accommodate Steele now and in the future. We didn't want any handouts. We still don't. We are greatly appreciative of the things that people are doing for us. So, today, I thank not only my family, but everyone. We thank you for thoughts, for prayers, for donations, and for any contribution however it is made. God bless.

     I thought I had the strength. God is always there, but I thought God had given me enough to overcome any defeated feeling. Sure, I have had and still do have moments that THIS is extremely hard, but for the most part, God gives me the strength. We had Steele's check up with his Neurologist. The whole day I knew it was coming. I couldn't stop the anxiety building. I was going back to the place where this all began. I was going back to sit in the same office where the doctor looked me in the eyes and told me Steele had Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and that he would most likely never walk. Then, in a split second thoughts became reality. We drove up to the building, I parked in the same spot, I walked through the same doors, sat in the same seat, and waited. I held back my tears. I would look at Lindsay and then at Steele and realize what God have given me. Then we were called back. We walked into the same room, they did they same measuring, weighing, questioning, and then we waited. I cannot even give you the word to describe what was holding back my emotion. I just hugged Steele has he played with the head measuring tape. The Doctor came in and was SOOO IMPRESSED with Steele's progress, then he was SOOO IMPRESSED with his intelligence. He even called him Dr. Steele, and said THAT was his NEW name! He called in his assistants and bragged on and on about Steele. Confirmation that I thought he was smart. But yet I was STILL crushed.


     Lindsay and I pray every night for divine healing. We pray for God to give man the ability to produce a cure. We pray for friend's and family's health and well being. We pray for specific people and situations that we know of and we also ask God to help those who we don't know. We put Steele to bed after hugs and kisses. Lindsay walks out of the room. That is my special 5 minutes with Steele. I put my hand on his back or tummy. I lean over his crib and I talk to God. "God let my hand be an extension of yours, heal my son like you would your own for he is your own, I ask you God to let my son walk in the light mentally, spiritually, and physically to do your will and spread the good news. If it be your will, let it be done. I am merely Steele's earthly father, for you are mine and his in heaven, so I bring the faith of the mustard seed to you tonight, and tell you as you have given me the ability to do even greater things through you than Jesus did, to take this abnormality in my son, and make him whole in your image like YOUR SON Jesus. In Jesus Name, Amen." 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Hour Turned Into a Month...

WOW! So much time has passed since our last blog post, and yet it doesn’t actually seem that way. I guess the past month or so has been a blur for us. We have definitely had some major ups and downs but it has brought us to today and for that I’m thankful. So, I guess its best to start where we left off….

We had Steele’s doctor appointment in Dallas on December 16th. It was an afternoon appointment, which gave us time to hang around in Dallas for the morning. We decided to spend our day in the Galleria. I remember just feeling anxious all day. Beau and I weren’t ourselves that day, but we found plenty to look at in that mall to pass the time. Appointment time came, and it was overwhelming just to walk in the front door. I can remember looking at all of the families and children there and wondering if they all felt the way I did.  I had been reading a devotional around that time that said “worry is the facade of taking action when prayer really is” so I began to pray. I was in and out of prayer all day that day. We were eventually led into a room where Steele was measured, weighed, tested, evaluated, etc. We must have met at least 10 different people that day, all to be a part of our “team” in Dallas. I have to say this about each person we met…they were so kind and genuine. I am so thankful that God placed each of them in our path. I know that we have a great team that is going to care for our sweet boy. Although we didn’t learn any new information that day, I will say that it has been my most difficult day in this journey so far. Steele was tired by the end of the appointment so Beau’s mom took him into the lobby while Beau and I finished up meeting with and talking to new people. By the time we left, Steele had fallen asleep. I felt numb as I exited the office. We decided to hit the restrooms before we left so I went first, and then took Steele, still asleep, from Beth Anne. It was at that very moment that I literally felt my heart physically break. I had never had that feeling before, I was wishing I was still numb. I fell to pieces. I am so glad Steele was asleep because I don’t want him to ever have to see me like that. I am usually a very shy, reserved person and would have loved to wait until I got to the car to bawl my eyes out. That didn’t matter that day. I cried and cried as we walked out. To this day I don’t have an understanding as to why it hurt so bad that day. As I said before, they didn’t give us any new information as far as the diagnosis goes. We were encouraged to start the process of getting Steele a wheelchair.  It all just hurt. The next part I am going to tell you is my most favorite moment with Steele to date, and a moment I will never forget. It is how I know that God is always with us. We stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way home. Steele had a dirty diaper so I took him into the restroom. They didn’t have a changing table in there so I improvised. I sat on the floor, laid Steele on my lap and changed him. When I was done lifted him up, pulled my knees up and sat him on them so we were looking in each others eyes. I swallowed hard and told him “I love you so much” and he put his arms out as wide as he could and hugged me around the neck so tight that when I close my eyes I can still feel it. I needed that!!  God knew I needed that.
 We drove home that night and got in very late. I had to be to work in Shreveport early the next day. I was doing my best that day just to keep it together, but work was a welcome distraction. That afternoon I was driving to a client’s house when I was hit by a driver in a very large work truck. I remember the sound it made when we hit, and I knew when I heard it that it was bad. The rest of what happened is kind of jumbled in my mind. I know I called Beau, and then my mom. I remember saying to Beau “Why me? Why now?”.  I wish I could take those words back. I should have been screaming out “THANK YOU!”. My car was totaled, but I was able to walk away from that accident! Praise God! I believe that accident was a “blessing in disguise”. It has jump started our search for a new van, which we will need for the wheelchair. Also, I have great insurance and the other driver was insured! Again, another opportunity to give THANKS!

And what a time to be thankful for, it was almost Christmas!! Christmas this year was absolutely amazing! It was bitter sweet because we were unable to spend it with my family in Arizona, but Beau and I had a nice chunk of time off work and we literally soaked up every moment. We limited our access to cell phones, computers, iPads, etc. and just were together. We didn’t even really take pictures together this Christmas because we just wanted to be in the moment, as a family. I am thankful that family members captured a few of those moments for us. Here is one of Steele with his cousins....

New Year’s meant more time together as a family and more memories made. We went up to the camp and Steele got to ride around on a Bad Boy with his dad and grandpa Bull Dawg. He was asking to “go, go, go” all day. That night we watched fireworks that the other members of the camp set off in the distance. After Steele got used to them, I think he actually enjoyed them. That night he fell asleep by the campfire in his daddy’s arms…another moment I will never forget. 


 Since then, we are all back to our normal routine; work, doctors appointments, therapy, etc. We did as the doctors and physical therapists advised and got Steele some braces for his legs and started the process to get him a wheelchair. He is still adjusting to the braces. They add extra weight to his legs which makes crawling and moving a bit more difficult, but he just keeps on truckin’. I admire his fight. I try to put myself in his shoes with all of the appointments, and the braces, and the testing and I feel like I would just be done. But not Steele, he endures it all with a smile (most of the time). I am so proud to be his mom. I am so thankful God chose us to be his parents.  In his 17 short months on this earth, he has taught me more than I ever knew in my 27 years of life. He is such a blessing. We have a big road ahead of us. It will be filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, but I am ready. We are going to do this as a family. God is our strength, and our refuge.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayer. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love!!

God Bless,
Steele’s Mommy

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

God Answers!

Praise God!

It has GOT TO BE so hard not to read something that starts off like that. Right? I know I would have a hard time. I am writing tonight because I believe. NO... I KNOW God has been doing some amazing things in my life, in Steele's life, and in our family's life . Who am I kidding? He has been doing amazing things in my life since I can remember, even before, and I know for well beyond the years I will ever see.

I think I should start off with today, and go backwards, because I don't think it would come across the right way, ANY other way.

Today I received a call at 9am that started something like this.

Dallas area code is calling..
Me: Hello?
Nurse: Can I speak to Beau Becton?
Me: This is he.
Nurse: I am calling in regards to the email you sent to us last night concerning Steele Becton. I don't know how lucky you have always been, but right now you are. I read your email, looked up, and a cancelation appeared. We DO NOT... Let me say that again.. WE DO NOT get cancelations, but.... Can you be here Monday December 16, at 2 pm.?!?!?!
Me: (IN MY HEAD IM THINKING.. DO WHAT>> ARE YOU SERIOUS? But Somehow I muster.) YES!! but I don't know that luck had anything to do with it. Now let me call my wife to make sure she can come! Can I call you back to confirm we can be there?
Nurse: Yes, I will personally sit by the phone and wait until you call back.
Me: Thank you! and God Bless you!

After I called Lindsay to make sure she could make the appointment, I called  the nurse back to confirm!

Me: Nurse? We can make it! I thank you so much!
Nurse: No problem! I just saw your email and had no clue and still don't if we have all the information we need from your pediatrician but when I saw the email. I knew we have to make this happen.

So it makes the HAIRS on the back of my neck stand up, goose bumps, tears well up, and I am overcome with JOY, THANKFULNESS, and knowing God is honoring our FAITH when I even retype that. God was at work, He is at work, and He will be at work!


BY THE WAY.... LUCK.... had nothing to do with it. God is answering our prayer!

November 23, 2013 I wrote to a doctor or should I say specialist in Dallas about Steele and his diagnosis. She wrote me back THAT DAY. She basically told us what we needed to get an appointment. Our Pediatrician was given all the information to get to this clinic in Dallas. She told us that it would probably be two to three weeks before we hear back from them. I contemplated all weekend whether or not to email the clinic back. I wasn't sure if I should push the process or just let it play out. So, I prayed. I asked God to tell me what to do. He did, but not right away. I felt like if I wrote something and Lindsay agreed, I should send it. Lindsay has been my rock when and where I have failed. When I am weak she is strong. God has done nothing but confirm that I was supposed to marry this woman over the past couple of weeks. She is such an amazing person, an AMAZING mom, and without a doubt a woman that wants to do Gods will. Ok back to where I was. I wrote the email, showed Lindsay Sunday night which was last night, the 9th of December. SHE THOUGHT I SHOULD SEND THE EMAIL!!! So, I did, at 8:56pm.

GOD is AMAZING. We went from hearing back from them in two to three weeks then no telling how long of a waiting list to be seen as a new patient to can you come Monday at 2pm because of a cancelation, and THAT NEVER HAPPENS? Luck....



We thank you again for all the Prayers! I don't know who or how many are getting through to God on his personal line, but keep calling... I'm kidding.. Keep praying please! God is doing miraculous works!

"Keep Praying, Keep Fighting, and Keep your Faith because GOD WILL ANSWER!"
He is answering!

1 John 5:14-15

14 And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. 15 And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

With God, All things are Possible

Hi again!

In my earlier post, I explained the feelings we had in those first couple of days. In this post, I give you the picture of our last week.

     The people that have entered our lives have been overwhelming. I better clean that up. The Army of warriors that are praying and fighting with us every step of the way have been so supportive, so loving, and it is absolutely compelling to know that there is so much GOOD left in this world. Most of us probably look at this world like I did two weeks ago. I thought this world was going to hell in a hand basket. Everyone had hate in their heart. That guy that flips you off because you unknowingly cut him off. The people that were just doing their job, but we thought we needed to tell them how horrible they were at it. The guy that looks at the guy on the side of the road asking for food or money thinking, I bet he isn't even trying to find a job. NOT EVEN KNOWING what those people have gone through that day, that month, that year, or even their whole life. The things we take for granted are countless. A good friend of mine gave a speech in the locker room my sophomore year. He basically told us all in that locker room to stand up! Stand up to our problems, don't run from them, and don't ever give up. Life has a way of putting up road blocks. When they aren't road blocks, life presents hills and valleys; sometimes mountains and ravines. The thing that keeps me looking up is Gods promise to me number one. HE will not give me more than I can bear. The other are the countless people and groups that have been constantly praying, commenting, calling, texting, and messaging. Those people have helped us tremendously. The therapeutic process has been easier with that help. Thank You! I cannot express enough gratitude. Friends, family, acquaintances, and people that do not even know us personally are spreading the awareness of this genetic disorder, and not only the awareness, but GOD! Over 12000 views in a little over a week for this blog. God is working. He is alive. He is showing me a life that I never knew. I feel like a blind man that God has given me another chance to see His people. I would have never been able to tell you when Steele took his first step. I mean... I may have been able to tell you he was 16 months old, but NOW... I WILL know the date, the time, and the very second HE TAKES HIS FIRST STEP! God has also let me have peace and understanding. This is hard to say or even type, but, God has a purpose for Steele, and whether he walks or rolls through life. GOD will heal him. Whether he is healed tonight, tomorrow, in 10 years or in 30. When he walks through the gates of Heaven Steele WILL walk. HE WILL run. HE WILL jump. God has Promised me that.

We go back to Shriners on January 17th. We are going to meet with the Geneticist. He is supposedly one of the best, and we thank God for that. We thank God for the blessings he has done in our past, the blessing he did for us today, and the many blessings he has in store for us in the future. One thing I know has been a blessing. Steele Christopher Becton.

We have been going to PT once a week. Watching Steele in those sessions has been inspiring. It confirmed a few things also: HE is a FIGHTER. HE is determined. HE is so so so smart. AND HE is ready to beat the odds.

Thank you again to everyone. We love and appreciate all of you. Keep Praying, Keep Fighting, and Keep your Faith because GOD WILL ANSWER.

Matthew 19:26

But Jesus looked at them and said,  “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oceans- This Mommy's Prayer

I have been praying about what I might say in this blog in regard to Steele and our family. I want to be honest, and truly let you in on my heart and what I have been thinking, feeling, and believing this past week. The song “Oceans” by Hillsong United is on repeat in my brain. (I will include lyrics below for those who haven’t heard the song) I have heard this song a great number of times prior to last Thursday. It really is a beautiful song, and although I have heard it several times and sang the words the message of the song completely passed me by. In the song she talks about being called to walk on water, and having the faith to come when God calls us. I think I can best explain my life to this point by using a baseball analogy. Its like I have been on God’s team, but on the bench. Sure, I cheer on my coach and teammates, but I’m not actually playing the game. Everything was going great for me on the bench. Life was good. Not too many highs, not too many lows. I was basically just glad to be on God’s Team. Then, out of nowhere, I have been called to play in a game. My mind has been racing, I am terrified. Will I be good enough? What if I fail? And that’s when God brought me this song and the real message behind it. Its not about ME. Its about HIM. He has called me to do something that would seem impossible- to play the game, to walk on water, to believe in His power to heal my son. Right now, God has called on me to be Steele’s mom, to fight this battle, and to have faith in Him. Its easy to have faith and believe when everything is going our way! But at a time like this?!?! Now that’s a challenge. But it is what our family has been called to do. It makes me think of Peter in Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus called Peter to walk on the water with Him, and Peter did. But then he started looking around at the wind, the waves, and  the impossibility of the situation. He began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus. It can be easy to take your eyes off Jesus when you go through the tough times in life no matter the situation. But look at what you can do when you fix your eyes on HIM!! The impossible!! So that is my prayer today, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me”. I will believe, today, in God’s healing power over Steele.  

Believe with me,

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) By Hillsong United
 You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You've never failed and You won't start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your Name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine