Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oceans- This Mommy's Prayer

I have been praying about what I might say in this blog in regard to Steele and our family. I want to be honest, and truly let you in on my heart and what I have been thinking, feeling, and believing this past week. The song “Oceans” by Hillsong United is on repeat in my brain. (I will include lyrics below for those who haven’t heard the song) I have heard this song a great number of times prior to last Thursday. It really is a beautiful song, and although I have heard it several times and sang the words the message of the song completely passed me by. In the song she talks about being called to walk on water, and having the faith to come when God calls us. I think I can best explain my life to this point by using a baseball analogy. Its like I have been on God’s team, but on the bench. Sure, I cheer on my coach and teammates, but I’m not actually playing the game. Everything was going great for me on the bench. Life was good. Not too many highs, not too many lows. I was basically just glad to be on God’s Team. Then, out of nowhere, I have been called to play in a game. My mind has been racing, I am terrified. Will I be good enough? What if I fail? And that’s when God brought me this song and the real message behind it. Its not about ME. Its about HIM. He has called me to do something that would seem impossible- to play the game, to walk on water, to believe in His power to heal my son. Right now, God has called on me to be Steele’s mom, to fight this battle, and to have faith in Him. Its easy to have faith and believe when everything is going our way! But at a time like this?!?! Now that’s a challenge. But it is what our family has been called to do. It makes me think of Peter in Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus called Peter to walk on the water with Him, and Peter did. But then he started looking around at the wind, the waves, and  the impossibility of the situation. He began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus. It can be easy to take your eyes off Jesus when you go through the tough times in life no matter the situation. But look at what you can do when you fix your eyes on HIM!! The impossible!! So that is my prayer today, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me”. I will believe, today, in God’s healing power over Steele.  

Believe with me,

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) By Hillsong United
 You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You've never failed and You won't start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your Name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine


  1. That song has been on repeat in my head too this last week. I love Hillsong United! Turn up the praise and worship music when the negative voices in your head get to be too loud. I swear my neighbors must think I'm crazy when I'm shouting these songs, completely out of tune! God has already won the battle but sometimes it is up to us to fully trust Him. We are all in prayer and I'm here for you for whatever you need. Love you buys and Steele and know with confidence that he will prove those doctors wrong! Love you Lisa

  2. Beautiful praise to God and from your heart Lindsay. I know that I cannot imagine what you and Beau are going through but want you to know that you all are constantly in my prayers.

  3. I truly believe that God uses situations like this to reach out to the people that otherwise would be unreachable. He has a plan for this precious young boy. We cannot see it but one day it will be revealed to us. Steele is strong he has your strength Lindsay and your heart Beau he will rise above this and be a true inspiration to thousands, I truly believe that, He is touching and tugging at so many hearts right now that you don't even know about. God knows EXACTLY what he is doing and you two ARE BLESSED TO BE HIS PARENTS. You have the right combination it will take to raise up your wonderful, loving son and NOTHING will hold him back and stop him from fulfilling Gods plan in your lives. Love you both, praying continually