Sunday, June 22, 2014

WInner!!! WInner!!!!


Congratulations to Cindy Boggs of Farmerville! We thank you and we look forward to designing, building, and installing TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of cabinets to your home! We want to thank everyone involved! Everyone who bought a ticket or more than one ticket! The Fundraiser was a huge success! We BELIEVE God has blessed our little boy and has also given us a community that has rallied around Steele. Between the t shirts, bracelets, hats, coozies, and tickets, it seems like the whole town of Monroe/West Monroe had some sort of involvement! We cant thank you enough. Continue to pray! Continue to believe! Together as a family of Gods Warriors, we are watching miracles happen!

We plan on posting a few blogs in the next couple of days! We apologize for such a long update! One reason was because we wanted the first blog that came up to be about the cabinet makeover or giveaway and t shirts; and as crazy as it sounds (I'm sure none of you have had this happen with a 22 month old.... haha!) it seems life turned into a rat race in March, April, and May. Whether Steele was sick, or we had out of town doctor visits or appearances with Steele promoting the Give-Away, it seemed like every time we had a spare moment it was midnight. SO! Having said that, we are going to make up for it! Get ready to read, and be amazed! Lindsay and I will be updating you on the past three months in the next WEEK!

Again, we cannot thank you enough! God Bless you all!

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