Sunday, April 26, 2015

Playing For Someone Besides Themselves

Its been a long time since we have updated....too long. But that's a totally different blog post. This post is going to focus on some of the really exciting news about events that have transpired in the last week, as well as some events we are looking forward to in our near future.

So let's get started :)

This past week, April 21 and 22, the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) softball team played games in honor of Steele. The entire team wore Steele's logo on their uniforms, and Steele was able to throw out the first pitch at both games! Not only that, but the team allowed us to set up a
table and sell Steele's t-shirts, bracelets, stickers, hats, and raffle tickets (more on the raffle tickets later). This was actually the second opportunity we have had to have a "Steele Strong" night on the ULM softball field. For those that do not know, I (Lindsay) played softball for ULM in college.
I also helped out a bit on the coaching end for one season a couple of years ago. Since my time at ULM, however, there have been a few changes in the program. Obviously the girls that I played with are no longer there, but there is also a new coach. Why do I bring this up? Well, this is where
the story gets more emotional for me. This new coach and most of the girls on the team really didn't know myself, my husband, or Steele prior to commiting to this game. There are a few girls left from my time of helping to coach that we have come to know and love, but as a whole, this team
was not yet familiar with us. They commited to doing this amazing thing for us because they consider us part of the softball family, and at the end of the day they are just good people. It amazes me that girls that I never stepped foot on the field with as a team mate were so willing to help our famliy. To play in honor of our son. To commit to playing a game that they love for someone besides themselves. So, to the ULM softball team and coaches.... we thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts. You may never know what it meant to this momma's heart to see my son on the same field I spent countless hours on and be able to throw the first pitch. You see, when we received this diagnosis many things changed in our minds and hearts. Some of our "dreams" for Steele changed... some disappeared. I was no longer planning for baseball games, and soccer games, and football games for his future. But you gave him, and me, an opportunity to realize that I can still dream for my son. He and I have both pitched on the same field, and that is a gift and a dream that you helped to fulfill. You were the tool that God used to remind me to never stop dreaming. HE is able. HE is faithful. And HE wants to work things together for our good. Thank you, ULM softball, for allowing yourselves to be used in that situation. Go Warhawks!!

I think its also very important to mention that at those two games we were able to raise close to $1000! We are so grateful for the money raised, and this next part may even give you the chills. We have had our eye on what is called a Zip Zac (I will include a picture below). It is basically
a wheel chair-type device that sits low to the floor. This will help Steele to get around and be able to pick things up if/when he drops them on the floor or if he just needs something at a low level. What I plan to use it for is putting next to his bed so that he can get out of bed and move
about the house in the morning INDEPENDENTLY. This is something he has never done. He waits in his bed each morning until I or Beau comes to get him. I would LOVE for him to be able to do that on his own...not because we don't want to help him but because I want him to be as
independent as possible for himself. Anyway, these things usually sell for about $2200 (yikes, right?!) About a week and a half ago a mom posted in the SMA support group that we are involved in online that she was selling her son's old Zip Zac chair for $900. And, GET THIS, she is from
LOUISIANA. I immediately told Beau about it and without a second thought he said GET IT! We did all of this BEFORE the fundraiser at the game. And what-do-you-know?? We raised a little OVER what we needed to get that chair. Isn't God so good? He is good whether Steele has that chair or not. Please understand my heart,and don't think for a second I am saying he's not good if we don't have this or that. We have been thinking, praying, and talking about that chair for a very long time.
We have come this close to just buying it at full price so many times! And now this. Its not a coincidence! That's God.

Oh, and did I also mention that Steele has an appointment scheduled on May 1st in Dallas? That mom (who is selling us the Zip Zac and lives just west of us) is going to meet us on the interstate on our way to that appointment to pick up the chair! This appointment was made more than a month ago.
 All of this happened and worked together in literally the last 2 weeks.

Its just flat, NOT coincidental. To God be the glory.

The last exciting bit of news is that we now have a facebook page exclusively dedicated to Steele!! We launched it about a week ago and have already had a great response without really even putting it out there. So go check him out on facebook by clicking this link: Steele Becton "Strong as Steele"
This is where you will see more of the day-to-day stuff that goes on in the life and times of Steele Becton. It will include updates, praise reports, prayer requests, upcoming fundraisers, and maybe even a cute picture or 5,000 of the man himself ;)

This is the Zip Zac chair mentioned above :)

Mommy, Steele, and Daddy at the "Steele Strong" game

Steele passed out flowers as a "Thank You" to the team...such a gentleman!

The First Pitch.. Daddy giving pointers
Thank you Coach Lyon and the 2015 ULM Warhawk Softball Team